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March 2009: Be aware

            March may come in like a lion and go out like a lamb but it also brings us a serious set of awareness days.

            Violence always seems to be worse each generation, or so we believe as we grow older.  Whether it comes from having suffered abuse or from the violence in our various media such as television and film does not much matter.  March 23-27 roars in with National Youth Violence Prevention.  Check this link for more information:

            This month is also National Professional Social Worker Month.  How fitting!  We have encountered wonderful social workers who may have an overload of cases for which they are responsible.  Imagine 200 cases of foster families you have to review each month or so.  It is so difficult to protect children that perhaps it would take that proverbial “village” to raise them in healthy ways.  Go to .

            We started the month with National Collegiate Health and Wellness Week.  The incidence of companion abuse among those under the age of 25 is also on the rise and is under-reported by youth as they gain their independence from family.  Keep an eye open for subtle signs of such abuse (usually, but not always, it is male abusing female but it can be same sex and very rarely female abusing male).

            Finally, March 25th is American Diabetes Alert Day.  With this disease on the rise just as obesity increases, we may all know people suffering from it.  It can be survived with proper medication (if needed), diet and exercise.  To learn more about how serious a disease it has become here in the US, go to .

            Let March be a lion because we know how to transform it into that lamb!