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January 2009: Start On the right foot

I            We’ve had a great holiday, considering the economy.  We did our best with family and friends around us to celebrate.  And maybe we celebrated a bit too much, food wise! 

            Look to January 18-24th this year – a new year – to maintain Healthy Weight.  You can go to the website ( ) and find out more information about how to maintain a weight that is right for you.

            Even better this year is that on Monday, 19 January 2009 – Martin Luther King Day – we can advocate for the King Day of Service.  Everyone can find something in their community to do that will be of service to someone. 

            The month of January is National Birth Defects Prevention Month.  Some of us were raised on the March of Dimes telethons and walkathons.  Go to and remember how we used to slip dimes into the cardboard placards at local delis, “five and ten” stores and more.

            Finally, desperate times exist for many – and not just monetarily but in our blood banks.  We need donors.  Give blood where you can; it is National Blood Donor Month.  Downstate has periodic drives but so may your local community centers, churches, temples and other public places.  If you are healthy, be screened for blood donation and give!

            We are entering a new era – a new President will have his inauguration this month and the nation will move forward.  January can be very wintry but the outlook is sunny!