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February 2009: Enough warmth...

I            Welcome to globally “warmed” February!   The groundhog has seen his shadow and we’ve had quite the snowy, bitterly cold winter thus far!

            With the world still reeling from financial crises and war, let’s start the month right now with Random Acts of Kindness Week (9-15 February).

            You can do this!  You can simply pick spontaneously to whom and what you wish to be kind – and just do it!

            Because we are also celebrating Wise Health Consumer Month, why not look into some recent health aids and whether they really will assist anyone in boosting overall health?  If you want that ab roller, check in consumer reports regarding whether it really works – and if it does, buy it for someone about whom you care.  If that’s not in your budget, then look on the Web for the latest in weight loss progress monitoring and calorie counting.  It seems that – along with diet control programs like Weight Watchers (which remains one of the most proven ways to both lose weight and keep it off) – when you choose to enter your daily meals and calories online, it really is effective toward your weight control.

            Simple things in life are best.

            This is also Valentine’s Day’s month – and with that, Heart Health Month.  If you love yourself and others, you should love enough to do what is good for the heart – in all ways.  That means lowering daily stress, getting adequate exercise and eating nutritious meals.

            Finally, it is National Cancer Prevention Month.  Cancer isn’t the leading cause of death in this nation – it remains heart disease – but many cancers kill many people annually.  Find out what you can about cancer in your life (family history) but also about which cancers are most prevalent for which ethnic and racial groups.  Learning is the first step toward prevention.

            Love one another with plenty of kindness to warm each other’s hearts this wintry month!