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December 2009: Happy Holidays

            Can you hear them?

            The sound of bells?

            Yes, it's that time of year when we either think we're hearing bells or we really do!  Sometimes, the bells are part of holiday cheeriness.  Othertimes, they are from someone asking you to donate what you can.  At this time of year, we would do well to think of those who are in pain, physical or otherwise, and who are down on their luck, either from recent economic troubles in the world or not.

            With that sober preface aside, the month of December is about AIDS awareness.  Internationl AIDS Awareness Month ( ) is a great start to pick up knowledge about AIDS as it now stands in this decade.  December 5th is International Volunteer Day, ( ), and taking time to serve others is so appropriate during this holiday season - Kwanzaa, Hanukkah, Christmas, Eid ul-Adha and upcoming Western and Asian New Years.

            With the H1N1 virus still a possible threat to public health, it's only fitting that December 6-12 this year is all about the hands:  National Hand Washing Awareness Week.  Pay a visit to the website,, for more information.

            Of course, we "gift" one another during this particular season!  How fun is that for the giver and the receiver?  Well, it can be quite fun and it can also be a disaster should the gift given be inappropriate especially for children.  Always check the age appropriate level indicated on most toys and don't buy toys cheaply made that are likely to break in a dangerous fashion.  Try to know the manufacturing company.  One mistake can cost a child an eye, for example.  Sometimes, a simple game or a task done as family such as making a gingerbread house can bring as much joy as a toy with plastic parts likely to become missiles after the first use!   The added bonus is time spent together with children - something both adults and youngsters need in a modern age of technology and isolation.

            Thus, this season and always, bring peace to one another by showing you care about each other's health and wellness, in the fullness of those states of being.  The best to you and your families and friends in 2010!