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April 2009: Get out and get going

            On the very same day we “fool” one another, on the day there is to be an update to a dreaded worm (computer, that is!) entitled, “Conficker”, we also celebrate a National Day of Hope.  Log onto for more information.

            April is going to be a month of more hope than we’ve experienced recently as a nation.  There will be economic hope.  There should be environmental hope (Earth Day – April 22nd).  There can be hope when spring begins in its fullness so that we are motivated to be outdoors, to move more.  That means we can celebrate National Physical Fitness and Sports Medicine Month.  And from April 20-26, we can celebrate Medical Fitness Week.  What exactly is medical fitness?  This would imply that we are ready for the day, the week the month – years of health and ability to do for ourselves and others.  If you or someone you care about is not medically fit, they may not have an actual health improvement plan with a healthcare provider.  Please get them to see one today who can help your elderly friend or relative or your children, spouse, sibling or parent with a health and wellness program that includes nutrition and exercise counseling and activities.

            The Greeks founded their great civilization with a basis in sound mind, sound body.  While on these pages we often focus on the medical aspects of the mind (mental illness, dementia, etc.), there are other ways to keep your mind sound and well-occupied into a healthy old age.  April 13-19 is National Library Week.  With some predicting the demise of printed matter such as newspapers, magazines and journals, show the world how important books and actual documents are to you by visiting your local public library that week and every week.  It’s public and it’s free – what a great gift to society!

            Finally, April brings to our attention National Minority Health and Health Disparities.  Check out this website: .  It contains all the information you will need to learn about what this implies for the health of our nation.  There is a lot of data including by minority and by health topics – and links to related websites.

            April showers bring the flowers of hope and fulfillment!