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September, 2008: Welcome Fall

            It’s the end of summer already!  September brings us into early autumn.  Children return to school and we try to think about their safety – getting on and off the school bus; after school; in the playgrounds.  September 2008 is also Children’s Eye Health and Safety Month as well as Baby Safety Awareness Month, with the first week of the month dedicated to National Childhood Injury Prevention.  If your child or children ride bicycles, rollerblade, use skate boards or do anything that might cause them to be exposed to possible head injuries, look for the best helmet you can afford.

            Another way that children can suffer injuries is something we often don’t think is possible.  If your child carries a backpack, and not one they can wheel instead, then they can incur spinal or other orthopedic type injuries.  On September 17th, 2008, during Backpack Awareness Day, you can find good literature regarding these injuries and the best kinds of backpacks to purchase for your child or young adult starting college. has what you need about this subject.  And to be safe, September 16th is Take A Loved One to the Doctor Day; a checkup couldn’t hurt!

            The 24th will be America on the Move Day!  Check out  for fun things to do.

            The 27th is Family Health and Fitness Day.   Try for how you can make this a part of your September!

            The best in life that we can do is to care for one another – our health, wellbeing and happiness – and that includes family, friends and coworkers.