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March 2008: Hello Spring

We may know servicemembers who have been deployed to Iraq or Afghanistan or other places in support of the war on terrorism.

What we may not realize is how some of these soldiers, sailors, airmen and Marines return to their homes deeply affected by the war – either through physical, mental or emotional trauma.

March 2008 is National Professional Social Work Month.  Many licensed social workers were turned away from the armed services in the 1990s because we didn’t believe their skills were of need any longer.  Now, we need them desperately to assist with the counseling workload experienced in veterans medical centers and in military treatment facilities.  We need clinical psychologists and psychiatrists as well.  If you are any one of these or if you know people who are, please look into joining one of the military forces as a Reserve officer, or to offering part-time assistance at a veterans facility.  Because March 2008 is also National Brain Injury Month, you may want to see just how many returning veterans in your neighborhood or workplace zone have come home with serious or even mild TBI (traumatic brain injury).  We can and should help these fine service members who may have to learn how to walk, speak, write or do mundane things again.  Even if the injury is deemed “mild”, behavioral changes may be evident and may require intervention.

Eye health and safety – Save Your Vision Month – is key to our daily existence.  And if you are a diabetic or someone you care about is, you can have serious eye problems that may develop over time.  Encourage all friends and family to have regular eye examinations this month of March.  March 25th in particular is American Diabetes Alert Day.

From 24-28 March this year we are focusing on National Youth Violence Prevention.  Not that it has been directly correlated with behavioral issues, but from 3-7 March we are also focusing on school breakfasts (National School Breakfast Week).  Let’s ensure our youth are fed a nutritious breakfast every day to help them keep their minds sharp and their behavior on an even keel!

Blustery March will bring us these issues and if we deal with them appropriately, the same winds will carry them along, resolved!