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June 2008: Welcome Summer

            Welcome to summer!

            We can’t believe how time flies from spring into the warmth of summertime.  But it does.  And of course, with anything that “flies”, danger can result.  That is why June is National Safety Month as well as National Great Outdoors Month.

            Why do we need to school ourselves in safety?  It is because as the weather improves, we doff clothing and expose our skin and bones more to hazards.  We play sports that we normally would not be able to play – such as baseball, soccer, etc. – and we forget to wear protective gear such as helmets or knee pads.

            Because it is also Home Safety Month, this June take time to sit with family and discuss all the ways you can make your lives safer.  Remove hazards especially if you have young children.  Such hazards might include exposed electric cords or poisons that are meant for vermin but that very small children might ingest.

            June 5th is World Environment Day and is managed by the UN.  Read about how you can make the environment safer and healthier.  With the gasoline crisis and much of the world in economic dire straits, this is something we need to work together to resolve, for ourselves and for future generations.

            Finally, June 14th is Blood Donor Day for the world.  Please take time to donate.  While recent news stated that blood deteriorates quickly, that just heightens the need for constant fresh blood product replenishment in our blood banks and hospitals.  If you are healthy, consider doing this – and not only for any sweet recompense (usually, juice and cookies are served to donors!) but for the good feeling you will get knowing you’ve been of public service. 

            Let’s skate, march, run, swim, glide, drive, coast or otherwise “fly” into summer together – safely!