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July 2008: Toasting in the sun...

             Wow!  It’s the summer and we’re outdoors barbequing and having fun in the sun.  Let’s do that CAREFULLY, please!  Be certain to wear sunglasses that protect from both UVA and UVB rays, to use sunblock that blocks all these as well.  If you are in the great outdoors with family and friends, take care with regard to cooking over open fires – whether with charcoal or propane or even wood.

            This requires a bit of forethought and planning, so do try to pack the equipment and supplies you would need for a day outside with a beach BBQ or camping in a national park.

            Let’s not do the fireworks thing, even though temptation is great to purchase some and let them fly in our backyard or neighborhood!  Most cities and towns have planned fireworks nights for the 4th of July or in the month of July.  Just bring your lawn chairs and enjoy!  It’s Fireworks Safety Month, of course!

            From 12-19 July this year there will be an Annual Wellness Conference, so for all of us involved with A Healthy Downstate, take note of this website:


            Let’s also realize that recreation in the summer isn’t just for able-bodied persons.  Whether permanently disabled or by temporary circumstance, recreation can be ensured for anyone.  From July 13th through the 19th in 2008 Therapeutic Recreation Week is scheduled.     The point of the week is to expand the opportunities for leisure and recreation for disabled people – whether they are disabled through illness, injury or other conditions.  Here is the URL:


            In short, July is the first full month of summer and we are usually raring to go into the water, to run outdoors and play, so to speak – regardless of our age or physical condition.  Be smart and be ready – and then all can be happy!

            On this birthday of our great nation, please also think about our sailors, soldiers, Marines and airmen who may be far from home.