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January 2008: Start On A Good Note

It is hard to believe it is now 2008!
Welcome to blustery, icy January.  But even in the cold and wintry days and nights, we know what we should be offering to others:  warmthx from our decision, if healthy enough ourselves, to give life in the form of blood donation.
Recent news has questioned how long blood can be stored before it loses key components.  But blood banking is still the best way to save a life.  Please take time during this National Blood Donor Month to offer your warmth in this way.

From the 20th to the 26th of January 2008, Health Weight Week will be celebrated - - just in time, considering the recently completed winter holiday and the tendency for many of us to gain a bit during that time!
How do we look at ourselves?  Do we really see what we look like if we stand in front of a mirror or are we lying to ourselves?  Do we have a distorted body image (some look in the mirror and see a fat person when s/he is really quite thin)?  Do we just not look, knowing that we’d have to admit we’re out of shape?  How hard is it, really, to admit what we need to do in order to maintain health weight?
All of these questions are best answered over time in 2008.  Forget “resolutions” and aim for answers.  That should be enough to motivate us to more healthy meals and to more exercise in our daily lives.  To get to a healthy weight requires concentrating on both.
Finally, during the same dates noted above, it is National Certified Registered Nurses Week.  Give a nurse a smile or just tell him/her how much you appreciate the hard work!
In 2008, we wish everyone peace, good health and great happiness!.