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December, 2008: Be aware!



            December is a wonderful month whether you are where it snows for the holidays or not.  But it also can bring illness to us in the form of influenza or colds.  We need to protect ourselves – short of wearing surgical masks!  How can we do that?  We can make note of December 3-9 and National Hand Washing Awareness Week ( ).

            There aren’t many health and wellness events for December for many reasons.

            This is a month to take spiritual stock of where we are and what we do and who we believe we should be.

            But it is also International AIDS Awareness Month.  December 1st is World AIDS Day.  Many of us may know or love people who are HIV positive or who have developed AIDS.  Learn about the difference between being HIV positive and having the disease called AIDS and learn about prevention and treatment at: or .

            Let’s also ask ourselves to “Tie One On for Safety” from now through January 1st.  The infamous MADD organization (Mothers Against Drunk Driving) have a lot of good information about how you can make holiday celebrations safer ( ) and the National Highway Transportation Safety Administration does as well at .

            Finally, we love to give gifts – especially to little ones.  PLEASE visit for tips about safe toys and gifts in this month of gifting!

            Bless us one and all!

            Be healthy, safe and happy as we close 2008 with kindness toward one another.