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April 2008: April showers...

            April showers are supposed to bring May flowers… but what if there are rainstorms?  Will the flowers bloom?

            This month is National Minority Health and Health Disparities Month.  Click on for more information about this topic.  How can we celebrate national Public Health Week and World Health Day (April 6-12 and April 7th, respectively) if we know that even in our great nation, many minorities live without health insurance and suffer from serious health problems because of that?  Wouldn’t overall health care costs for our nation be reduced if we could keep people in a “wellness” and “preventive medicine” mode instead of a crisis mode? 

            Just look at our “epidemics” of obesity and diabetes.  We can try to help ourselves through increasing awareness of the importance of diet and exercise to our health.  April 21-27 are both National TV-Turnoff and Medical Fitness Weeks.  Get off the couch with your friends and loved ones!  The week after that (27 April – 3 May) is National Volunteer Week. What a great way to keep active!  Volunteer to clean up your local neighborhood for Earth Day (22 April).  Volunteer to take some seniors who are wheelchair bound on a little “drive” around their assisted living or nursing homes. 

            Since it’s National Humor Month and April 14th is “International Moment of Laughter Day”, try telling a silly joke:  Two muffins are sitting in an oven along with ten others, baking.  The first muffin turns to the second and says, “Darn!  It’s HOT in here!”  And the second muffin shouts to the rest, “Holy Moley!  It’s a talking muffin!”  Silly, but safe!

            We need to give ourselves hope while making ourselves aware of things such as Minority Cancer (20-26 April) or Alcohol (Alcohol Free Weekend: 4,5 and 6 April).

            So many things are showering down on us in April, in any month, that we may need more than humor in order to deal with our lives fully.  April is National Counseling Awareness Month.  Go to for ways to help yourself and those you love with issues with which you and/or they may be grappling this spring.

            Spring has sprung!