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November 2007: Time To Remember

           It always surprises that the days, weeks and months pass so quickly; we are already in November – with so much to do before year’s end!
            November brings remembrances – for veterans of war; for giving thanks; for remembering to “fall back” (recently moved to the first weekend of every November) off daylight savings time.
            This November, please think about thinking.  Yes, think about your brain health!  It’s National Alzheimer’s Disease Awareness Month.  This is a costly, lengthy and devastating disease.  With research, it is hoped that we will uncover how this disease begins and how to stop it in its tracks.  Until then, there are known preventive measures you and your loved ones can take to stave off Alzheimer’s:
·       Exercise!
·       Eat well – eat fruits, vegetables, whole grains, seafoods and other foods rich in Omega-3 fatty acids,  low-fat dairy and lean meats (not a lot of the latter two, either)
·       Keep engaged in things that use your brain – puzzles, reading, anything that makes you learn something new
            Alzheimer’s is an illness that requires a lot of caregiving.  This November is also National Family Caregivers Month.  Do something kind for those in your life who you know are caregivers and who may be highly burdened by such responsibility.
            How can we discuss any given November without talking about the Great American Smokeout?!!  Yes, the entire month is Smokeout month, but this year “the day” falls on Friday, November 16, 2007.  Gather all your tobacco-using (and that includes chewing and smoking) friends and get them motivated to stop.  There are so many methods and prescriptions now that we really have no excuse for not trying, at least, to stop using tobacco.
            Before you sit at Thanksgiving Day dinner, or before you volunteer at a church, soup kitchen or veterans home for that holiday, thank yourselves – for always aiming for wellness in every way you can.