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May, 2007: It's Finally Spring

It’s finally, really, truly SPRING!!  May will bring us better weather to enjoy the wonderful outdoors.  For those living and/or working in the NYC Metropolitan area, you may have read Mayor Mike Bloomberg’s recent vow to “green” and “de-global-warm” the city.  May is the perfect month for us to start this process for ourselves.
 It’s National Bike Month and 14-18 May is Bike to Work Week.  The 16th of May is National Employee Health and Fitness Day.  And of course it is a month for the President’s Council on Physical Fitness and Sports to hold its National Physical Education and Sport Week (1-7 May) in recognition of the entire month’s dedication.  Isn’t May also the perfect month this year, then, to think about Clean Air?
How can we ensure we maintain our health in an urban setting?
One of the answers is found in the movements for “green” (or energy efficient, environmentally sound) products and processes.  The other may be in helping to stop global warming.  We can do that by:

  • Walking more to work and around work
  • Taking mass transit to work instead of driving and parking
  • Using other (alternative) means of transport, such as bicycles, non-gas-guzzling scooters or motorcycles or hybrid vehicles
  • Making certain all products we buy/use are energy efficient and/or non-polluting/biodegradable

Not surprisingly, the month of May in 2007 is also Ultraviolet Awareness and Melanoma/Skin Cancer Detection and Prevention Month.  May Day is not only a holiday once observed during pre-Christian through the 19th century as an earthy celebration; it is also usually Melanoma Monday (even though this year, Monday the 7th is the first Monday in May).  Especially with children, check skin on a routine basis and liberally apply SPF (Sun Protection Factor) 30 or better if you have fair skin.  While some forms of skin cancer are easily dealt with (such as basal cell), others are far more deadly than most of us realize (melanoma).
Finally, we move into May with recognition that women’s health differs from men’s.  It is National Osteoporosis Awareness and Prevention Month – a bone deterioration that worsens with age and can result in other serious health problems if not allayed.  From May 13-19, it will be National Women’s Health Week (with May 14th as Women’s Checkup Day).  Bring a female friend to the clinic – walk there! – and get them to learn about their health status.  It may save them from something serious in their future lives.  Certainly, prevention of any sort is the way to a greater, happier and healthier future.