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June 2007: Cleaning up!

Surviving cancer is such a personal yet sharable feat.
On June 3rd this year we can celebrate National Cancer Survivors with a day all toward acknowledging their crises and achievements.
To that end, we should make ourselves aware of skin cancer as one of the most prevalent forms of cancer today.  June 3-9 is Sun Safety Week.  Stop at your local pharmacy and ask for tips regarding sun screen.  Or spend a bit of time with your family and ensure everyone has checked themselves (or seen a dermatologist in order to have a thorough check) for skin cancer.
Another instructive topic for June 2007 is Home Safety Month.
How are our homes unsafe, we may ask?
You may be surprised to learn many common household cleaning products are enormously unsafe if left accessible to very young children or if combined by adults who do not read the fine print on the labels about NOT combining certain cleaning products!  Familiarize yourself with what is in your home and safeguard your household.
It is Vision Research Month, with 27 June through the end of the month as Eye Safety Awareness Week and 24-30 June as Helen Keller Deaf-Blind Awareness Week.  We can understand how losing one’s vision can be a devastation in today’s world of fastpaced living.  It can be so difficult to take a stroll if you cannot see and are legally blind.  There are many ways to ensure eye health well into one’s dotage; many operations such as cataract surgery are nearly routine compared with just a few years ago.
As ever, the month of June 2007 brings opportunity along with the great weather we anticipate every summer’s start:  opportunity to learn!