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July 2007:Takin' It Easy

Aren’t we in luck?
            July is the first full month of summer.  But it is also comprised of special weeks recognizing National Therapeutic Recreation (8-14 July) and International Massage (15-21 July).
            Isn’t this appropriate for the four weeks of a month dedicated to increased sports and outdoor activity?  Often, we “overdo” it!  If we do, we need to know what to do.
            We can’t just rely on our bodies to heal themselves if they are too damaged acutely by an activity-related injury.  For example, if summer has come and we have not been reacclimated to both increased activity and hotter, more humid weather, we could both hurt our bones/tendons/muscles/ligaments and become a victim of heat exhaustion (or heat stroke – far worse).
            Always ensure you are well-hydrated before, during or after (as appropriate) exercise.  If you feel ill, you probably should stop doing what you are doing and rest/get medical advice!
            If you were to rollerblade and fall, thereby breaking a bone, you would get to an emergent care facility, wouldn’t you?  It is the same concept with regard to possibly dangerous reactions to weather conditions. 
            If you do become injured, be sure to get the proper Rest, Ice, Compress and Elevation – RICE!  (as your healthcare provider may suggest).  After that, you may be advised to see a physical therapist for rehabilitation.  If advisable, you may want to ease back into supervised activity in a gym, with or without the wonderful healing hands of a good masseuse!
            With therapeutic recreation, we can bring our bodies back from injured to healed to optimally useful – in the everyday sense and in sports.
            Finally, don’t fall for the “I can use fireworks; I’m an adult!” line.  If you or a loved one obtains fireworks, they aren’t legal in nearly all of the Northeast.  Even if in our youth we recall with fondness how relatives would drive to ‘south of the border’ (literally – a chainstore/restaurant has that name! – and figuratively – south of the Mason-Dixon line!) to get fireworks where they remain legal to this day, you should refrain from exploding them in your neighborhood.
July, like June, is Fireworks Safety Month.
            Take care, beware, and you’ll ensure everyone’s welfare!