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August 2007: Yes, It's Hot!

It’s certainly hot and humid, global warming or not! 
            Is that the most important thing about August?
            Actually, August is Cataract Awareness Month.  Most of us whether we have poor vision or not do not routinely ensure our eyes are protected from UV (ultraviolet light) damage from the sun and atmosphere.   That means always using sunglasses that are polarized or have UV protection on the surface.  If you are a smoker or around tobacco smoke, you may be at risk for cataracts as well.

            August contains World Breastfeeding Week from 1-7 August this year.  Why is this such an important thing to do for babies?  Well, it’s not just good for them, but also for mothers.  It is documented that mothers who nurse their babies for at least 6 months bond better with the child and also have a lowered risk of breast cancer.  If the mother eats sensibly, her pregnancy weight gain will be more easily lost if she nurses.  And of course, the child benefits most from improved immunity and health from the nutrients in breastmilk.
            August is also National Immunization Awareness Month.  Pay a web visit to: and find out why.  Everyone has ongoing immunization requirements or needs, from birth to death.  That may mean scheduling yourself for boosters if needed, such as tetanus (you need it every 10 years!), and helping your teenaged daughter with HPV vaccination (prevention of that virus, the one that causes genital warts, protects her from cervical cancer later on).
            August 9th every year is dedicated to the World’s Indigenous People.  This is a UN sponsored day ( ) and will be celebrated in recognition of those who were here, in your nation, before you were.
            The most important thing about August is summer’s last fling – the last full month of that season – and all the wonder of hot weather and long days, family vacations and relaxed Fridays (dress code) at work.   So be sure to enjoy this month of healthy choices!