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May 2006: Think About Fitness

It’s time to think about fitness.  When the weather improves, we decide to “get fit” at last and start moving around more outdoors and indoors. 

            What happens after “hibernating” for so many months?  Often, our bodies object vehemently to sudden increases in activity. 

            How do we meet the challenges of National Physical Fitness and Sports Month, National Physical Education and Sports Week (1-7 May 06) and National Employee Health and Fitness Day (17 May 06)?

            We engage in educated exercise!

            Learn about nutrition prior to exercise.  Look to a professional or to those who exercise regularly to assist you in getting there S L O W L Y.  Even if you are accustomed to running 3 miles every other day, start at half that goal:  1 or 1.5 miles twice weekly.  Do that for a couple of weeks and then gradually increase to your goal.   You will find you will maintain a better energy level, you won’t “give up” on exercising, and most importantly, you will avoid injuries that might sideline you physically, emotionally or psychologically from continuing your quest for fitness.

            What did April showers bring to those May flowers?  Allergies!  It is also Asthma and Allergy Awareness Month.  Some suffer more than others but there are far more options today than there once were to alleviate symptoms, from over-the-counter medications to bi-weekly inoculations. 

            May is also Better Sleep Month.  Many studies say that your children especially in their teen years need all the sleep they can get prior to each school day, so be vigilant about their habits.  Adults usually need 6-7 hours at a minimum.

            Finally, May 6-12, 2006, is National Nurses Week.  Hug a nurse (with permission!) and tell that person how much they are appreciated!