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March 2006: Spring is here!

It’s going to be spring.  It is!  Very soon, in late March, we enter the rebirthing of the planet.

Sometimes, we forget ourselves when we celebrate such joyous occasions.  From 5-11 March and from 6-10 March this year, we need to celebrate National Collegiate Health and Wellness Week and National School Breakfast Week, respectively.  From the youngest of our nation’s youth to its near adults, we must protect health and nutrition.  These are the days of growth in more ways than just the rebirth of the earth’s cycle; five-year-olds in kindergarten and twenty-two-year-olds in medical school need attention!

March is fittingly National Nutrition Month.  Try for tips on how to keep fit and provide yourself and your families with improved nutrition.

While spring may be busting out all over, we may not wish the same for our bodies!    But March is also recognized from the 1st of the month through the 4th as National Eating Disorders Awareness Week.  If you know someone has an eating disorder, try to intervene.  The damage to the body from such disorders can lead to death.  We all can get caught in the societal norm of thin, thinner, thinnest; it’s hard not to, with all the media so obsessed with thin people (especially women, but increasingly, boys and young men). 
If someone’s problem is truly serious and severe, seek a trained counselor for them.  The month of March is National Professional Social Work Month.  Many of these hardworking counselors are skilled in either direct assistance or in steering you to the right service providers.

Finally, on March 28th, make it a point to read about and then relay what you’ve learned regarding diabetes, a problem that now reaches to young children in this nation.  American Diabetes Alert Day will be after the start of spring this year.  That means new hope will be in the air and in our hearts.  Bring hope to those you know, whether child or elder, who are struggling with the disease or are borderline diabetic.

Spring into action!