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June 2006: Be Safe

            Friends, it is nearly summertime!  The third week of June always brings that season to us.

          School will be out and children about.  That means June is best the time for reminding us about safety issues:  National Safety Month occurs in the first month of summer’s start.

            Safety is an all-encompassing issue.  We know that we want our family and friends to feel and to be safe, so we always encourage them, for example, to take a cellphone with them when traveling (and to ensure it is fully charged!).  We encourage people to wear seatbelts in cars.  We tell ourselves to practice safe sex. 

            What about safety in the home?  June is also Home Safety Month.  There are hazards in our own homes that can cause us more health problems than walking down the street in Brooklyn and breathing city air!  Check your closets for dry-cleaned clothing that may have a strong odor of chemicals; for household cleaning products that may be leaking; for pill bottles that aren’t secured in case of children reaching them. 

            June 1st is “Stand for Children Day”.  Log onto and find out more!  Basically, this is a grass-roots organization that advocates funding on a local level to give children a fair chance in life.

            From 4-10 June this year, we can examine the serious issue of headache in National Headache Awareness Week.  And from 12-18 June, get the man or men in your lives to pay attention to their health!  It will be National Men’s Health Week.  You can improve his health or save his life in getting him to think about it just for a bit!

            Be safe, be well and enjoy the start of the season!