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July 2006: Part of the Season


What comes with July every year?

Fireworks!  Independence Day picnics and barbeques!

And safety concerns about the above and about swimming and recreation.

If you have children, or a pool, or both, or intend to be involved with either (or swimming at the shore), then do pay attention to where the former are at all times, and to how well trained they are with the latter.  Swimming instruction is something that you cannot really start too early.  Some parents have their babes in water with them and a certified instructor before their child’s first birthday. 

This doesn’t mean leaving your child alone in water!  It does mean teaching a healthy wariness of bodies of water while also giving good skills for swimming in them, and therefore, for surviving.

With outdoor cooking, please be sure to do it safely.  Learn about the different BBQ grills and how to operate them safely.  Learn also about extinguishing embers fully before departing.

And as for fireworks, most municipalities do NOT allow individuals to use them (at least in the Northeast).  But there are many public celebrations in early July during which you can view safely with family and friends some spectacular shows.

From 9-15 July this year we celebrate something called “Therapeutic Recreation Week”.  This is normally understood as recreation that assists people with some form of temporary or permanent disability.  It includes treatment interventions to improve functional living skills while put forth as recreation.  Please salute the occupational and physical therapists, among other professionals, who assist in this on a daily basis.

International Massage Week is from 16-22 July in 2006.  Massage can be soothing to infants and adults alike; you can even learn how to give one yourself.  At many airports, for perhaps $15.00, while waiting for your flight, you can find a masseuse who will soothe your tired shoulders and back for about 45 minutes.  It’s well established that touch is key to humans forming solid emotional bonds as they grow into adults from childhood.  Massage is one way to ensure those bonds with our youngest to our oldest members of society.

So, with care and patriotism, let’s shout our way into July and enjoy the summer of 2006!