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April 2006: A Serious Spring Month

   Recently on television and in print media, an article about the writers of greeting cards was presented.  It focused not on the cards we get to peruse and purchase in stores or online, but on the “FBNs” – Funny, But No!  Some of these rejected ideas were hilarious but clearly not appropriate.  Think about FBN moments and jokes you may know on April 14th, 2006 – International Moment of Laughter – and do have a good hearty laugh.
   April is also a serious spring month.
   2-8 April is National Library Month.  Where else to enjoy an afternoon exploring your favorite health and wellness topics?  Some public libraries permit adults to surf the Net at no charge (if a resident) and to print some pages at no cost.  Some libraries offer cafes with excellent coffee and biscotti to sip while you read about improving your family’s health.
   3-7 April is National Youth Violence Prevention Week, with April 5th also our National Day of Hope.  Where would we find and keep hope if not in our youth?  We adults are obliged to assist them in finding their way to good, useful, healthy lives, else no hope remains for our nation and the world.
   April is National Minority Health and Health Disparities Month.  The current homeland security/anti-terrorism focus is on immigration law but we have many new immigrants to our country who are here legally and many of those are considered minority population members.  Our own citizens who are among minority racial or ethnic groups need attention, too, and often do not have the resources for obtaining good health care.  Let’s try to reach out this month to those in need.
   Finally, from 23-29 April 2006, be a volunteer.  That week is National Volunteer Week.  If you cannot volunteer, then find a volunteer and thank them!  Some of us have spent many years, especially when our children may have been young or after the loss of someone dear, dedicated to others in unpaid service of some kind.  Be an EMT, or volunteer at a local hospital even if just to wheel patients around to clinics.  Read to youngsters in pre-K or kindergarten.  Work in a soup kitchen.  Be a Big Brother or Big Sister.  Volunteer at a veterinary hospital.  Do what brings you bliss even if the recompense is not Caesar’s kind but a higher power’s.