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The Robert F. Furchgott Society

Hillary Michelson, PhD
President, The Robert F. Furchgott Society

Daniel Rosenbaum, MD
Vice President, The Robert F. Furchgott Society

Executive Committee
Alison Baird, PhD, MPH
Roger Q. Cracco, MD
Helen Durkin, PhD
Arthur Grant, MD/PhD
Lisa Merlin, MD
Hillary Michelson, PhD
Maja Nowakowski, PhD
Todd Sacktor, MD
Mark Stewart, MD/PhD

Basic Science Review Committee
Todd Sacktor, MD, Chair
Juan Marcos Alarcon, PhD
Sabina Hrabetova, MD, PhD
Katherine Perkins, PhD
Christopher Roman, PhD

Clinical Science Review Committee
Jeremy Coplan, MD, Chair
Alison Baird, MD
Clinton Brown, MD
Sydney Butts, MD
Jack Dehovitz, MD
Rauno Joks, PhD
Michele Pato, MD

For further information contact Rose Jackman
718.270.4786 or