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SUNY Downstate Medical Center

Facilities Management & Development

BSB Sprinkler Standpipe Installation
14496-02 - State University Construction Fund Managed


This project is the installation of the Basic Science Building sprinkler stand pipe system. It will replace corroded standpipes in stairwells and corridors. The project includes the installation of a new Fire Pump for the building and replacement of existing corroded sprinkler piping in the basement and sub-basement.

Where are we today:

Losardo/Leviathon Mechanical currently working towards completing and testing the new fire pump system in the BSB Basement.

Project Goals:

  • Replace corroded standpipes in stairwells and corridors
  • Install new Fire Pump in basement
  • Replace corroded sprinkler piping in basement and sub-basement
  • Standpipe install in stairwells impacts emergency exits, Limit to nights, one stair at a time, signage to alternate exits, reopen stair during business hours
  • Pipe hanging noise (stairwells, basement, sub-basement), work performed Off-hours
  • Existing sprinkler head replacement in sub-basement and basement service areas only (excludes Gross Anatomy) work performed Off-hours, protection of furnishings and equipment by contractor, regular cleaning
  • One piping connection in Gross Anatomy at end of central aisle in ceiling (100 sf), Access from NY Ave, done during intersession and coordinated with the Departments, dust protection partition, HEPA vacuum
  • Open corridor wall in DCM - three 5' x 5' openings, Straight time versus off-hours to be coordinated with DCM during construction. Seal opening daily at end of shift (AAALAC)
  • Open corridor wall - three 5' x 5' openings on other floors work Off-hours. Seal opening daily at end of shift.
Sprinkler Systems Upgrade
Contractor is currently onsite surveying the Basic Science Building. Work to commence in the basement areas first.
Design Consultant:
Project cost:
$7.3 million
Design start:
February 2013
Construction start:
June 2016
Construction finish:
December 2017
Campus Project Manager:
Onyekachi Akoma
t: 718-270-8307
m: 347-853-2969