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BSB Roof Exhaust Stack Entrainment Remediation
14496-01 - State University Construction Fund Managed

This project is to replace exhaust goosenecks with vertical stacks to relieve any entrainment potential effect created by the New Academic Building. This project will also include the replacement and upgrade of exhaust fans and motors in the roof top mechanical space.

Where are we today:

The contractor is on site and is currently replacing exhaust fans in the East and West penthouses and being coordinated with the end users of the affected spaces. This pre-planned work effort with the Campus allows minimal disruption to both the Contractor and Laboratory users. Work under this contract includes extending the exterior stacks.

Project Goals:

  • Replace exhaust goosenecks with vertical stacks to prevent exhaust air re-entrainment into BSB and PHAB on roof of BSB
  • Replace fans and motors in BSB penthouse
  • Fume hoods, some general building exhaust, cage wash exhaust and toilet exhausts will be provided with new stacks
  • Two 1-2 day shutdowns of fume hoods will occur several weeks apart
  • Shutdowns will be staggered in 3 Phases, vertically through the building, so that most fume hoods on a floor will remain operational
  • Shutdowns will be pre-planned with weeks of advance, Coordinated with users by Campus Project manager
Upgrade Laboratory Exhaust Stack and Fans
The Construction Project is currently scheduled for advertisement August 25, 2016 with a Bid Opening date of September 22, 2016.
Design Consultant:
Project cost:
$2.7 million
Design start:
February 2013
Construction start:
August 2016
Construction finish:
February 2018
Campus Project Manager:
Charles Reed
t: 718-270-3715