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Project Management


The Project Management Division is responsible for the coordination of finish work, i.e. telephone, computer cabling, and furniture acquisition carpet, etc. This division also provides on special request, project management for construction work normally not assigned to Design & Construction. For more information regarding FM&D’s Project Management, please call Ext. 3839.

The Project Management Division is currently handling the Basic Science Building renovation project.

The BSB Renovation project includes:
Upgrade of Mechanical Construction

  • Replacement of Chiller Plant
  • (New Chiller to be built on roof of BSB old library wing)

    • Replacement of fan systems
      Upgrade electrical systems

    DLAR Renovations

    • Upgrade of 8th & 9th floor DLAR ventilation and HVAC systems
    • Resurface walls, floors and ceilings

    Relocations and Upgrade of Gross Anatomy Teaching Facilities
    Relocation of Gross Anatomy Teaching Facilities to West End of the BSB. Basement.
    • Upgrade labs to support flexible teaching space suitable for current technologies.
    • Upgrade ventilation systems