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FM&D Pipeline

A periodic update on facilities issues

Ted Raderman is smiling. Ted, FM&D's veteran "Mr. Outside," is close to completing a $2.8 Million capital project to replace almost 1500 windows in University Hospital. (Ted's nickname comes from his demonstrated expertise in managing roof and pavement repairs, fence construction, window replacement, façade sealing, and a multitude of other exterior work.)
The job was not easy: Because all work had to be done from inside the building, it required careful coordination between the contractor and Nursing Administration, departmental administrators, and staff, to make sure that patients and staff were minimally inconvenienced. Working with Ted were Robert Richards and Janet McPherson-Miller, among many others. They did a great job!
The contractor, W. & D. Scott, Inc., also deserves high praise. Everyone encountering Scott's 14 ironworkers and laborers was impressed by their care and professionalism. They got this huge job done in less than five months, with excellent results and an unblemished safety record.
The windows themselves are triple-glazed, high-efficiency units manufactured by Traco, Inc. They are guaranteed for five years, including their enclosed blinds, which simplify cleaning. On the south, east, and west sides of the Hospital, the windows are tinted to reduce the heating effect of the summer sun. On the north (service yard) side, the glass is untinted. A "thermal break" in the window frames further reduces heat transmission.
Complementing the window replacement is a companion project to clean and seal University Hospital's stone façade. When these two projects are completed, Ted Raderman's smile will be bigger than ever, and he will move on to his next challenge.