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Occupational Therapy Program

Financial Support for Occupational Therapy Students

The SUNY Downstate Office of Student Financial Aid - works closely with students to identify relevant sources for scholarship and/or loan packages for students. SUNY Downstate Occupational Therapy students have been particularly successful in achieving scholarship awards from the New York City Board of Education, as well as work study opportunities described on our Financial Aid web page.

The Empire State Diversity Honors Scholarship. The purpose of this program is to recruit students is a scholarship of direct aid to attract and retain undergraduate students to State University of New York (University) campuses who have demonstrated high academic achievement and can demonstrate that they will contribute to the diversity of the student body. The program is for students from a broad range of backgrounds who will contribute to the diversity of the student body in their chosen program or school. . If you should have any questions, contact the Downstate Financial Aid Office

In addition, the American Occupational Therapy Association provides information about scholarships and loans available to occupational therapy students.