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Midwifery Program

New York City Midwives Student Scholarship: Robina Khalid Class of 2015

Midwifery Studen, Robina Khalid, received the New York Midwives' Student Scholarship.

Robina was called to midwifery as a second career, having completed a PhD in English at CUNY’s Graduate Center. Her focus was the study of race and gender in the US. Through her studies she entered midwifery with a profound understanding of the political nature of her calling, and a passion for social justice. She believes that being the recipient of midwifery care can empower a woman for life. Even before entering Downstate she lobbied for the passage of the Midwifery Modernization Act, and as a student she joined NYSALM as the student representative and then as secretary of NYSALM’s IMPACT committee, which she helped to found. The committee addresses barriers to the practice of midwifery. She attends chapter meetings and volunteers for Miles for Midwives, the Nightingale Initiative for Global Health, and writing for the chapter newsletter.                         

Post-graduation Robina plans to work on the issue of more viable hospital transfers for the homebirth midwives.

Robina expressed her future commitment to increasing access to midwifery care in the US by quoting the recent Lancet study and other statistics that support the desirability of this. She plans to continue her advocacy and her activities with NYSALM and NYC Midwives, using her academic background as an asset. She also hopes eventually to work abroad in Pakistan, where some of her family comes from, or perhaps on the Indian sub-continent more generally, participating in providing midwifery training to help women in dire need of skilled birth attendants.


New York State Association of Licensed Midwives' (NYSALM) Award

Midwifery Student, Rachel Ritter, receives the Future of Midwifery is in Good Hands Award at the 2015 NYSALM Lobby Day


New York State Association of Licensed Miwives (NYSALM) Lobby Day 2015


Commencement Awards

Current Awards: Class of 2015

Robina Khalid:
Award for Academic Excellence, The Joan B. Ditchik Memorial Award & Award for Excellence in Research

Ental Alebdy:
Awards for Academic Excellence & the Joni Zavitz Memorial Award for Perseverance

Sadiah Chaudhary:
The Gigi Robin Joyful Midwife Award

McKenna Eldh:
The Suzanne Louis-Reddick Spirit of Midwifery Award

Lorraine Lamm:
Class of 2015 Outstanding Student Leadership Award



Clinical Preceptors

We thank the Clinical Preceptors for their dedication to Midwifery Education.

Outstanding Midwifery Students Recognized

Awards for Academic Excellence

  • Ental Alebdy
  • Robina Khalid

Outstanding Student Leadership Award is given by the graduating students in recognition of consistent and exemplary leadership in promoting the highest goals of midwifery care.

  • Lorraine Lamm

The Joan Ditchik Memorial Award was established in 1990 in memory of a midwifery faculty. The award is given to a student who exemplifies clinical excellence; personal integrity; commitment to women's health needs; intellectual curiosity and growth; social awareness and cultural sensitivity; perseverance and enthusiasm; a sense of humor; professionalism; and a cooprative spirit.

  • Robina Khalid

The Joni Zavitz Memorial Award is given by peers to the graduating student who has shown the most determination and perseverance in the completion of the midwifery program.

  • Ental Alebdy

The Suzanne Louis Reddick Spirit of Midwifery Award is given to a student who embraces the care of women with special passion, warmth & kindness.

  • McKenna Eldh

The Gigi Robin Joyful Midwife Award is given to a student who is upbeat, warm and enthusiastic about midwifery..

  • Sadiah Chaudhary