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Midwifery Program

Advanced Certificate in Midwifery & Master of Science in Nursing - Concentration in Nurse-Midwifery

Undergraduate Prerequisite

1. Introductory Statistics
2. Nursing Research

The Master of Science degree in Nursing with concentration in Nurse Midwifery completion, prepares registered nurses with the advanced skills, education and training required to provide primary care to women and newborns.

The 58 credit option is designed for registered nurses with baccalaureate degrees in nursing who are entering the separately registered Advanced Certificate Program in Midwifery offered by the College of Health Related Professions. The program consists of 38 graduate credits earned in the Midwifery Advanced Certificate program and a minimum of 14 credits of master's completion course work earned in the College of Nursing.

The courses for master's completion represent knowledge and skills that are necessary for all advanced nursing specialists, regardless of their area of specialization. Upon completion of both the Advanced Certificate in Midwifery and the master's completion, graduates are eligible to take the national certification examination given by the American Midwifery Certification Board (AMCB), which is currently the same examination required by the New York State (N.Y.S.) Board of Midwifery, State Education Department.

The following are College of Nursing courses that students enrolled in this track must take.

NRMS 5180 Advanced Health Assessment & Diagnostic Reasoning: 3 credits

NRMS 5190 Advanced Pathophysiology: 3 credits

NRMS 504 Theoretical Foundations for Advanced Nursing Practice: 2 credits
NRMS 510 Community Context for Continuity of Care: 3 credits
NRMS 585 Nursing Research I: 3 credits
NRMS 586 Nursing Research II: 3 credits

The following are elective College of Nursing courses. Students enrolled in this track must take one of these courses.

NRMS 516 Management and Leadership: 3 credits
NRMS 517 The Advanced Practice Nurse as Nurse Educator: 3 credits
NRMS 515 Family Theory and Application: 3 credits

NOTE: NRMW 5302 International Women's Health Policy offered by the Midwifery program will fulfill the elective for the Master of Science degree in Nursing - Concentration in Nurse-Midwifery.

Courses may be taken fall, spring or summer of each year of enrollment. Students must meet with a faculty advisor in the College of Nursing and the College of Health Related Professions, Midwifery Program, to plan how these courses can best fit into the midwifery curriculum.

Students will start and complete the CON courses in Year 1 if they are enrolled in Adv. Certificate midwifery/MS nurse-midwifery, 7 semester program.  

They will also take NRMW 5010 Professional Issues and Leadership in Midwifery (3 cr) in the Fall semester of their first year.

They will start the Adv. Certificate midwifery courses in Year 2 (see the MS in Midwifery, 7 semester option, starting Year 2).

Students in the Adv. Certificate midwifery/MS nurse-midwifery, 5 semester option, will incorporate the CON courses into their 2-year program of study as determined by the advisors in CHRP and CON.