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Midwifery Program

International Midwifery Project: International Women's Health Policy

NRMW 5302

This course provides the student with an overview of the health care delivery system of a host country. Students will have an opportunity to compare women's health care policy in the host country with that of the United States. Other areas covered are midwifery laws, education, and practice in the host country.


The International Women's Health Policy course provides participants with opportunities to:

  1. Observe midwifery and women's health care practices in another country in order to enable students to compare and contrast different systems.
  2. Examine the legislative framework, which regulates and/or governs midwifery care and its impact on practice and education.
  3. Analyse individual needs of mothers and babies and how they are met in relation to different social and cultural contexts.
  4. Examine government initiatives for the improvement of women's healthcare.
  5. Examine/discuss midwifery education in another country in order to enable students to compare and contrast different systems.


The course is offered to both SUNY Downstate and Kingston University students during the summer semester.

Eligibility (class size is limited)

  • Completed application
  • SUNY Downstate midwifery students
  • Kingston University midwifery students
  • Midwifery students from other accredited midwifery programs (non-matriculated students)
  • Licensed midwives (non-matriculated students)

For further information contact:

Aleida Llanes-Oberstein, CNM, MS, FACNM, CHSE
Clinical Assistant Professor
International Project Director
SUNY Downstate Medical Center
Midwifery Program
450 Clarkson Avenue, MSC 1227
Brooklyn, NY 11203
Tel. (718) 270-7754
Fax (718) 270-7634