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Student Page

photo of Omolara Dademade

Omolara Dademade

Class of 2006

Education History

Received a BS degree in computer science from Polytechnic University in 2002.


The job I was hired for is an Epic (EMR) Analyst. I will be providing systems and application support and training for Epic applications. My responsibilities will include design, installation, modification, upgrades, enhancement and support, training, and clinical informatics improvements.

Thoughts about MI Program

The thing I liked most about the MI program was learning about the hot topics in healthcare today, including topics such as data mining, the electronic medical record, and computerized physician order entry. I believe that program helped me to obtain the job that I got by enabling me to speak on new developments in healthcare, such as the electronic medical record, which is what I was hired to work on.

One class in particular that I found very useful was the Evaluation of Healthcare Information Systems class. Through this class I became familiar with the types of challenges and issues involved in implementing new systems in hospitals, and going from a paper-based system to an electronic system. I also learned about various tools that are used for evaluating hospital information systems.

photo of Tiffany Daniels

Tiffany Daniels

Class of 2006

Education History

B.S. in Computer Engineering at Polytechnic University, 2003


I was hired as an Application Specialist focusing on the implementation of Electronic Medical Record. I will be responsible for providing support and training for the EMR.

Thoughts about MI Program

This program taught me to appreciate the advancements that the healthcare Industry had and is currently making in information technology.

Some courses which I found very interesting are Topics in Medical Informatics and Medical Imaging Systems. Every course in this program is essential to understanding how information systems are important to patient care.

Student Gallery

photo of Dina Leznova with computer

Dina Leznova configures a Windows 2000 server and client As part of her project in Healthcare Computer Network Architecture.

group of people

(L to R) Ram Singh, Debra Carey, Dr. Isaac Topor, Catherine Calacanis
Ram and Catherine present their SUNY Downstate Outreach Program database to Debra Carey, CEO of University Hospital.