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SUNY Downstate Medical Center

Medical Informatics Program

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Medical Informatics?

Medical Informatics is an emerging discipline that has been defined as the study, invention, and implementation of structures and algorithms to improve communication, understanding and management of medical information. The end objective of biomedical informatics is the coalescing of data, knowledge, and the tools necessary to apply that data and knowledge in the decision-making process, at the time and place that a decision needs to be made. The focus on the structures and algorithms necessary to manipulate the information separates Medical Informatics from other medical disciplines where information content is the focus.

What qualities do I need for success in the program?

The most successful students are those with the maturity to handle both their full-time day job and evening study, and take initiative to explore new options. Independence and a high degree of self-motivation are required in this graduate program.

What do graduates do?

Graduates of the program have typically gotten jobs in hospitals, group practices, government institutions etc. or career advancement at their current positions if they are currently involved in healthcare information related positions.

Which job positions can I apply for upon completion of the program?

Graduates of the Medical Informatics program are qualified to be systems analysts, system designers, consultants, data quality managers, project managers, educators, and trainers.

Graduates of this program can enjoy the flexibility the degree offers and work either in hospitals, ambulatory care centers, research facilities, health information technology companies like medical software vendors or government agencies.

How many students do you accept each year?

Every year, we admit 20 students into the program as both part-time and full time.

What are the required prerequisites?

Prerequisites are offered in the program. If a student is coming with computer science/IT background, he/she is required to take two health care courses in the first year with othe required courses. If a student is coming with healthcare background, he/she will be required to take a computer programming course.

What is the class size?

Our average class size is between 15 and 20 students.

How long it requires to complete the program?

Fulltime students can complete the program in two years while part-time students may require between 3 and 4 years to complete the program.

When are the classes offered?

Allmost all of our courses are offered in the evening time starting at 6pm. Each class meets once every week in both fall and spring, and summer courses may meet twice a week since the summer session is eight week long.

Do you have any affiliation?

We have affiliation agreements with many healthcare organizations within the New York city. We place our interns in one of these organizations.

Do you have any professional organization affiliation?

We are a member of American Medical Informatics Association's Academic Forum member. We are also an academic member of International Medical Informatics Association (IMIA).

Do you need a specific undergraduate degree to apply?

No, as long as your undergraduate degree is from a college or university accredited by a regional accrediting organization recognized by the Council for Higher Education Accreditation (CHEA), you are qualified to apply.

Is the GRE needed upon applying for this program?


What are the time and hours of classes for this program?

Classes are held in the evenings, Monday-Thursday, roughly from 6pm-8pm.

Is this program offering financial assistance?

Financial assistance is available to those who qualify. For further information on this matter, please contact the Financial Aid Office at (718) 270-2488 or the Bursar's Office at (718) 270-3048.Some employers also pay for tuition if the program is related to ones career.

Can credits be transferred towards this graduate degree?

No. All 39 required credits must be acquired and completed from this program.

What is the application deadline?

The application deadline is June 15th. Admissions are only done in the Fall Semester.

Are there any courses offered online?

As time progresses, we will eventually be offering some courses online but as of right now, our program offers courses on campus ONLY.