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Diagnostic Medical Imaging Program


"The professors are extremely helpful. The curriculum is geared to all modes of learning- visual, hands on, etc. The program fosters self confidence in one's ability by allowing independent learning with guidance."
R.P. Class of 2012
"I was very well prepared for my registry exams."
L.F. Class of 2012
"The Program not only teaches you how to be a sonographer, but how to take information from the patient and develop your own theories about what might possibly be wrong. This comes in handy when a patient does not know why they are there, or thinking they have had the wrong exam ordered. A Downstate student will know why and for what purpose each exam was ordered."
C.S. Class of 2013
"Professors are always available to assist and answer any questions."
A.S. Class of 2013
"Downstate provides a strong academic foundation, and I have the ability to obtain multiple registries."
A.K. Class of 2013
"I have been a clinical instructor for 37 years. Every student from Downstate that I have worked with for the past 28 years at Weill Cornell, has had the appropriate interpersonal skills necessary for assuming the responsibility of a health professional. The Diagnostic Medical ultrasound program itself provides the necessary didactic and clinical training for each student to develop his/her technical skills. I highly recommend this program."
J.S. Research Associate, Chief Sonographer & Clinical Preceptor